Rubicon Partners


Modern business, as it influences the environment in which it functions, is partly responsible for it.
That is why Rubicon Partners follows clear principles concerning business ethics and encourages its employees to act in accordance with them. We create and uphold the highest ethical standards, believing such an approach contributes to the development of fair competition, which in turn increases general trust in capital markets.

We are fully aware that our everyday activities shape the business landscape and that consequences of our decisions are felt not only by us, but also by the business environment, particularly at the local level. These interdependencies are a huge responsibility, but also a challenge – they allow us to participate in shaping of the future of the local environment and provide us with sufficient incentive to engage in its life.

Consequently, policy adopted by Rubicon Partners encompasses social activities, promoting the knowledge of business responsibility and encouraging both business partners and the employees to support charity organizations.

A Baudouin Orphanage Foundation, established and financed by the partners and employees of the Baudouin Orphanage Foundation Company, is the most important social initiative taken by Rubicon Partners.


Children from the Father G.P. Baudouin Orphanage no 15 are the beneficiaries of the Foundation established by Rubicon Partners. The “Home of Foundlings”, today’s Orphanage no 15, was founded in the first half of the 19th century by Father Gabriel Piotr Baudouin. It is the oldest Polish institution set up to take care of young, abandoned children.

The Orphanage is situated in Warsaw at Nowogrodzka Streeet, only a couple of streets away from the headquarters of Rubicon Partners. The wards of the Orphanage are young, mainly few-year-old children, including children with disabilities or children whose parents are deprived of custody rights.

Our activities within the Foundation are focused on supporting young children fundacja_logodevelopment. We provide financing necessary to pay for rehabilitation and specialized therapies, such as speech therapies. We also organize general rehabilitation and integration-oriented events, including one-day trips and holidays. We strongly believe that by investing in education of these children we contribute to securing a better future for them.

There is no easy solution to the problem of social marginalization of orphanage wards. Nevertheless, we are certain that by introducing these children to a more colorful world, in particular by inspiring their interests, teaching communicative and learning skills, and boosting their courage and their faith in themselves and their own dreams we bring about hope and create a better chance for orphanage wards to participate in the social life.

We invite all those willing to financially support the initiative we have started to cooperate with the Foundation. Together we can create a better future for these children.


Bank account number:
BZ WBK S.A. 35 1090 1056 0000 0001 1406 8990