Rubicon Partners

Case study


In 2010 Avia Solutions Group, the Lithuanian holding company which offers services for aviation industry, has decided to conduct the initial public offering (IPO) on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The cooperation with Rubicon Partners has been established by the Company and its owners to conduct the process efficiently. Rubicon served as a financial advisor, PR/IR adviser and offer coordinator.

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In August 2009 Rubicon Partners seeing that gets worse finance situation of noted on the GPW of company Gino Rossi, but at the same time perceiving inherent potential in realized by it activity, tied with the company co-operation. Rubicon Partners received on itself the role of finance investor actively engaged in the activities having as a goal possibly by glass panel the improvement of parameters operating and finance companies.

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Investment, acquisition of financial investors, introduction to NewConnect market, exit from investment, debt capital arrangement (bond issue combined with listing on Catalyst market), continuous corporate finance advisory for the leading Polish debt collection fund which trade and manage mass-debt portfolios.

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Investment, recruiting financial investors, raising in debt capital, leading for NewConnect and the constant consulting corporate finance for Cenospheres Trade & Engineering S.A. (of company dealing with search, the drying and with the sale of the microsphere – of light, fire-proof filler of materials and composites)

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